Nova is a senior litigation consultant with over 30 years of experience dealing with a variety of criminal cases ranging from dishonesty, large scale drug offences, murder, war crimes, and high-value complex frauds and proceeds of crime matters.

She cares deeply about her clients and their issues and works closely with them and instructed counsel to ensure that their cases are prepared to the highest degree.

I  cannot recommend Nova highly enough. She is equally at home in serious crime and complex fraud drawing  on years of experience defending in the most high profile cases.  Her case preparation  is exemplary and she always delivers focused and pragmatic advice. Her  ability to build a real rapport with her clients is second to none.  

Colin Aylott QC

Notable Cases

R v. LS (Baby Shaking)

In 1998 Nova was involved with the case of LS at the Central Criminal Court, the Australian nanny accused of the murder of a 6 month old baby she had care of as a nanny by shaking her when she thought she was choking. Her plea of not guilty to murder was accepted by the crown and the court and she entered a plea to manslaughter on the basis that her actions amounted to gross negligence. She had an IQ of 81 well below the average of 100 due to not having been diagnosed as lacking a thyroid causing her lack the mental capacity to properly assist the ward in her care and as such was unable to as the judge remarked to “think flexibly particularly in emergencies or perceived emergencies”.
She was sentenced to a term of 15 months imprisonment suspended for 2 years and was allowed to return to Australia.

R v. DF (Court Martial – War Crimes)

In 2006 Nova represented DF a private in the army who had been based in Iraq in 2003. He along with other soldiers of various ranks were accused of mistreatment of a number of Iraqi detainees by holding them in detention for several hours beating them and keeping them in stress positions. Submissions were made at the close of the Prosecution case in relation to the soldiers and their commanding officer Colonel Mendonca which were successful and he was cleared of the charge of inhumane treatment following a 6 month court-martial hearing in Wiltshire.

R v. C - Central Criminal Court ( Murder )

This matter was a spin-off from the case of Daniel Morgan the private investigator who was murdered in a car park with an axe nearly 30 years ago. Several defendants were charged and part of the evidence relied on against one of them was from a lady who alleged she had been his mistress and had witnessed him commit other murders and serious assaults. She also alleged that she had been attacked by this defendant and another whilst in a park and warned off giving evidence in the matter. The defendants were subsequently charged with ABH and witness intimidation. The case against both defendants was dropped as she was found to not be credible having been Psychiatrically assessed in relation to the murder.

R v. E - Central Criminal Court ( Phone Hacking )

Nova was also part of the team involved in the News of the World Op Weeting case at the Central Criminal Court representing Edmonson a former editor of the NoTW who was charged with hacking the voicemails of high profile celebrities.

R v. SB - Central Criminal Court ( Murder )

Nova was part of a team that represented the Defendant – SB in the case of R v. SB Central Criminal Court accused of the murder of Gordon Semple a police officer whom it is alleged was killed by him and dismembered.


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