Yaqub Hussain deals with a succession of serious cases especially drugs and murder. He also has a substantial fraud practice; recent instructions include HMRC and bank fraud, and large scale money laundering. He acts for a number of high profile clients. Yaqub made his name acting for the defence in the Heathrow Liquid terror plot and, today is recognised as one of the most dynamic and committed solicitors in the country. He was featured in an article about modern Muslim heroes and you can also read more about Yaqub’s background in Emel Magazine.

Mr Hussain is also LP Evans' designated Compliance Officer for Finance and Administration (COFA).



Looking at life in prison Yaqub was everything I needed in the Terror Liquid Plot, an inspiration who is savagely loyal to his client. In court he is possibly the most professional and well mannered person I have seen and this respectful approach is seen in every aspect of his dealings and demands respect from everyone he meets. If you need someone in your corner that will fight for you the best they can then Yaqub is top of the pack. I would highly recommend him to anyone and everyone.

Notable Cases


R vs S and Others - (Woolwich Crown Court) - Conspiracy to blow up transatlantic airliners with liquid bombs. Client acquitted.

R v R - (Court of Appeal) - Possession of Explosives, the defendant had previous terrorism conviction, the case successfully dismissed by Judge on abuse of process grounds which the Crown appealed, Court of Appeal upheld the dismissal.


R v LW - (Basildon Crown Court) - This was a significant Class A Drugs conspiracy where the accused was recorded handing over a quantity of cocaine, his defence was lack of knowledge and was acquitted.


R v A - (Liverpool Crown Court) - Operation Starlight international drugs conspiracy where the client was recently acquitted.

R v AA - (Teeside Crown Court) - Conspiracy to supply Class A drugs. Client acquitted by the jury.


R v IA - (Southwark Crown Court) - Conspiracy to supply medication which was classed as class C Drugs. Client recently acquitted by the jury.


R vs S and Others - (Sheffield Crown Court) - Large scale conspiracy to supply class A drugs. Client acquitted by the jury. 


R V L - (Winchester Crown Court) - 28 year acquitted of a body in the boot murder in Bournemouth.


R v N - (Central Criminal Court) - Teenager acquitted of murder along with brother who was also acquitted of perverting the cause of justice.

R v XS - (Central Criminal Court) - Initially attempted murder, the defendant extradited from Albania defendant alleged professional hitman hired to take out fellow gang member in North London. Yaqub and his team were successful in persuading the crown to accept the lesser charge of possession of a firearm.


R v DG and Others - (Sheffield Crown Court) - Represented the defendant in Massive Land Mark Case under the Gangmasters Licensing Authority (GLA) where 100s of people were employed believing their employers to be fully licensed. Defendant acquitted by the jury.

R v SP - (Southwark Crown Court) - Recently represented High Profile UAE Official in a large criminal case. Client acquitted of all charges. 


R v O - (Bristol Crown Court) - Representing the lead defendant in Organised Grooming and Sex Abuse case, defendant acquitted by the jury.


R v M - (Mould Crown Court) - Representing lead defendant in large Modern Day Slavery Case, client acquitted by the jury.